Tony Abbott is wearing the pants – Don’t blame all Australians

I’ve been watching the foreign and national news services as well as social networks – there is a some bitter backlash towards Aussie’s in general over the result of the Australian federal election this month.

I want to plead innocent on this. Most Aussies are smart enough than to vote for the guy in budgie smugglers – and yes, we know he regularly does not say smart things. This is why the majority of Australians did not vote for his party (Australian Liberal Party) …

Say whaaat?

Quick fact check time

Actually, if we look at the number of primary votes towards a specific party, Labor actually won more primary votes than the Liberals.

Australian Federal Election Votes 2013

* Base on 77.2% votes counted.

Technically therefore, the majority of Australians who voted did NOT vote for team Abbott. Unfortunately that’s not how the Australian preferential voting system works. I’m not going to explain it in full detail here, that’s why we have Wikipedia! More on the preferential voting system here.

There are some advantages to a change in government. For example:

At least now we don’t have to worry about gay boat people using fast Internet to learn at a well funded school.

Source: Twitter

But on a serious note let’s put the anger, hate and heated arguments away for a while. There are limits to how many photos of Tony Abbott Photoshopped into countless offensive images people can see before head implosion happens. The hate is not going to archive anything now right. The people have spoken. Instead, focus your energy into keeping the bastards transparent and honest. Let’s be mature.