May Contain Traces of Reality

Welcome to the game. You are playing your role and taking your orders. Look around son, are these possessions what matter? A source of happiness?

I take no responsibility for any delusion offered by your distorted attitude, inward-focused perspective and biased viewpoint of reality.

Manipulation, propaganda, brainwashing and control is the new weapon of mass destruction. Men, women and children. Ravished societies suffer for years, institutionalised until their affliction becomes fatal.

While medals and coloured ribbon decorate decaying heroes, a righteous and entitled flag flies high reminding us all this shortened life was just and right.

It’s easy to fight back, you know?

Do not fight hate with hate. Put down your arms. Walk away from it all. Smile. Laugh. Watch the sun rise. Plant something and watch it grow. Open your eyes. Take in everything. Ask why. Think for yourself.