Before Nick Muzin worked in politics…

Wow Nick Muzin, Director of Coalitions for the House Republican Conference, how embarrassing it must be for you to have your name and face associated with a statement like this?
Nick Muzin selfish polotician
Nicolas Muzin points out essential health care rights to the poor and disadvantaged citizens of the US are related to confirmed cases of Ebola in the USA. Is it even possible a more ignorant statement could be made?
Allow me to to counter with “Before Nick Muzin started his political career, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.” Fact!
I cannot help but shake my head in disgust and ponder is the world as fucked up as it is because of selfish, misleading liars like this arsehole are in positions of influence.
Muzin later removed the post, adding “Earlier tweet was a bad joke, my sarcasm did not translate well online. Deleted.”
  • No Nick, it is not appropriate to make light of a volunteer doctor at ground zero of a significant deadly virus epidemic (for which we have no known cure for yet).
  • No Nick, Ebola virus disease’s 48% survival rate is not a subject for comedy or satire.
  • No Nick, you cannot possibly imagine the sight, smell, torment and ravishing impact Ebola is having on third world countries (which I doubt you could find on a map if you tried).
  • Yes Nick, I realise you have a MD. Perhaps you could do something useful like shut your face and go volunteer when people like you are needed – don’t worry, there’s no “Obamacare” over there, so you’ll be fine.