What’s new in OneNote 2016? Nothing.


Absolutely nothing.

Sorry kids, time for a small rant. While new features appear to be continually being worked on in other Office 2016 products (judging by the annoying popups I’m always getting when I open them) as usual, there’s nothing new in OneNote 2016.

Microsoft appears to have focused its efforts in rolling out classroom features, forgetting everyone else in the corporate world.

OneNote 2016 is stillĀ as slow as a one-legged donkey trying to run a marathon, the magical cloud backing OneNote is… well… dark and stormy with a 100% chance of rain that’s not going away – with large changesets taking hours to sync at times, and it murders batteries installed in Microsoft’s flagship Surface tablet range.

Come on Microsoft; it’s 2017. If not a new feature, make it work reliably under combative conditions which exist in the real world.