19 Practices That Build Trust

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Make decisions based on core values and principles rather than expediency or short term fixes which do not ensure. Treat all people with courtesy, sincerity and respect, regardless of their status. Care about people, their well-being and be empathetic regardless of context. Avoid using people as instruments or […]

How to get out of a speeding ticket

This post is going to cover some things you can do to brighten your situation, improve your presentation and increase your chances of you getting out of an infringement notice courtesy of your booking officer. To be clear, these points are intended to improve your odds of getting off lightly. You’re going to need to employ your own […]

12 Communication Killers People Use Regularly

It’s incredibly hard to find people that can effectively and brilliantly communicate these days. Communication as a whole is so essential to life as we know it. I’m not claiming to be perfect, but I’d rate myself above average when it comes to “communication”. I’ve also received high praise from colleagues and friends. The role of […]