What’s new in OneNote 2016? Nothing.

  Sorry kids, time for a small rant. While new features appear to be continually being worked on in other Office 2016 products (judging by the annoying popups I’m always getting when I open them) as usual, there’s nothing new in OneNote 2016. Microsoft appears to have focused its efforts in rolling out classroom features, […]

Before Nick Muzin worked in politics…

Wow Nick Muzin, Director of Coalitions for the House Republican Conference, how embarrassing it must be for you to have your name and face associated with a statement like this? Allow me to to counter with “Before Nick Muzin started his political career, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.” Fact! I […]

May Contain Traces of Reality

Welcome to the game. You are playing your role and taking your orders. Look around son, are these possessions what matter? A source of happiness? I take no responsibility for any delusion offered by your distorted attitude, inward-focused perspective and biased viewpoint of reality. Manipulation, propaganda, brainwashing and control is the new weapon of mass […]

Tony Abbott is wearing the pants – Don’t blame all Australians

I’ve been watching the foreign and national news services as well as social networks – there is a some bitter backlash towards Aussie’s in general over the result of the Australian federal election this month. I want to plead innocent on this. Most Aussies are smart enough than to vote for the guy in budgie smugglers – […]

Apple iTunes Is Not “Easy”

I was just trying to sync something on my iPhone 4S when iTunes started being a pain in the backside, as usual. In frustration, I went and bought a domain name and setup a blog simply because had to vent. But this won’t be just some random and senseless venting, I’m rather sure you’ll be […]