Explaining to Emily the Overlooked Intention of “They”

I have a friend, a good friend who I have known for years. It saddens me that she is sick and that the funny, caring and amazingly good natured character of her will only be a memory – sooner than it could have, would have been.

Yet she knows how to piss me off if she wants to! Yet with great exertion on her behalf, she simultaneously, both constrains herself and tolerates my fickle self. But then she’ll say or share something carelessly that enrages me.

Life is already too short without illness added so early in life.

I am a smoker.
I am a smoker (read: I am an idiot).

I could not help but to retort at the obvious oversight of the message.

They don’t want to stick images on packs, Emily… They want you to consider the extreme damage smoking does to your health, children, friends and family. But most of all they want you to stop.

You were raised in an era that had all the facts, figures and evidence. In fact they made it a part of your school curriculum, they made sure you were educated – yet you made and continue to make the decision to smoke and mock those around you, who actually care about you.

They want you to consider how impressionable children are, whom do not yet know any better. They know some of those children will grow up after seeing you smoking and assume it is okay. They know those children will form attitudes contrary to the evidence that is so plainly and gruesomely staring at them on a packet of death sticks – because Emily did.

They want you to realise how much better your life would be and how much potential you have. They want you to wealthy and wise – invest in yourself and family – not in a multibillion dollar global industry whose only goal is to lie to you, take your money and kill you.

They want you to realise that you are shortening your life – which is of course your “right” – but that you will be depriving your loving family, children and friends of precious days, weeks, months or years with you that can never be replaced. As we who hold your pale limp hand in a hospital bed when the silence comes to grace you, they know we’ll be wishing for more time…

So yes, you bet damn right. No I am not copying this ignorant piece of shit onto my wall to aid in the continued and senseless brainwashing of more idiots on a mass media network that carelessly facilitates it to be acceptable!

I’ll however post it on my blog aside thoughts nobody else will ever read.

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