May Contain Traces of Reality

Welcome to the game. You are playing your role and taking your orders. Look around son, are these possessions what matter? A source of happiness? I take no responsibility for any delusion offered by your distorted attitude, inward-focused perspective and biased viewpoint of reality. Manipulation, propaganda, brainwashing and control is the new weapon of mass […]

Tony Abbott is wearing the pants – Don’t blame all Australians

I’ve been watching the foreign and national news services as well as social networks – there is a some bitter backlash towards Aussie’s in general over the result of the Australian federal election this month. I want to plead innocent on this. Most Aussies are smart enough than to vote for the guy in budgie smugglers – […]

12 Communication Killers People Use Regularly

It’s incredibly hard to find people that can effectively and brilliantly communicate these days. Communication as a whole is so essential to life as we know it. I’m not claiming to be perfect, but I’d rate myself above average when it comes to “communication”. I’ve also received high praise from colleagues and friends. The role of […]

Battlefield 3 Error – PunkBuster kicked player. This PB Server Requred (A1386 C2.325) – Error loading pbcl

Are you getting this error when playing Battlefield 3 servers on PC? PunkBuster kicked player Lostagent2. This PB Server Requred (A1386 C2.325) – Error loading pbcl Annoying isn’t it? It seems to occur a few minutes into the game. It’s caused by an out of date Punkbuster client on the computer. Punkbuster is anti-cheating software […]

Apple iTunes Is Not “Easy”

I was just trying to sync something on my iPhone 4S when iTunes started being a pain in the backside, as usual. In frustration, I went and bought a domain name and setup a blog simply because had to vent. But this won’t be just some random and senseless venting, I’m rather sure you’ll be […]